Sunday, March 9, 2008

Rockin the Casbah

It has been a pretty intense travel week! I have now gone from Philly to New York to Casablanca to Rabat to Ouarzazate. I have pretty accessible, though not necessarily reliable, internet here in Ouarzazate, so I will update as frequently as possible. And as frequently as I can deal with the French keyboards. It is similar enough to the American one to be familiar and usable, but different enough to be completely infuriating!

Rabat was interesting... our hotel was situated very close to the palace of Mohammed IV, a large mosque, and a stones throw from the ancient pirate republic of Salay of Robinson Crusoe fame. Cool, no?! We tried to make it over there but got lost in the Casbah. I have some pictures, which I will post when I find a computer in this country with a USB drive.

We have had some intensive language training in survival Darija (Moroccoan Arabic). Which of course led to some interesting linguistic blunders. Actual conversation which transpired:
M to Pharmacist: "keyf deyra?"
Pharmacist (in perfect English): "you have diarhhea?"
Pronunciation is key...

I can hear the call to prayer right now. I love hearing it in the morning.

I have to get back to our training site for lunch now... until the next post, please keep sending emails/comments/love letters or anything else you feel compelled to do!

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