Thursday, March 13, 2008

Learning Berber!

Today we got our language assignments. Turns out I won't be learning Arabic as I expected... I will be in a Tamelzight region. Tamelzigh is the name the Berbers call themselves, as the name "Berber" came from Greek and Latin for "outsider" and later "uncivilized". I also know I will be in a very isolated location, probably in the mountains and not near the coast. I was hoping to be assigned a Darija (Arabic) region, and preferably somewhere warmer, but I'll make the best of what gets thrown my way.

Peace Corps mantra: Patience and Perseverence!

One of our trainees went home already. I have heard there is a high percentage of volunteers that dont make it through two years. I'm not surprised... it is going to be hard. But I didn't come here to have it easy!

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