Wednesday, March 12, 2008

No ice cream on the fifth planet, and other encounters

So a few of us wandered down to the Casbah the other night, where we met an interesting character. He greeted us with Bonjour, with glazed eyes as big as saucers, and proceeded to explain to us that he was from Planet Five. He sometimes visits Planet Four. When we asked for clarification, he told us "cannabis". I guess every city has at least one, right??

The other adventure involved a search for ice cream. At one shop we were told, completely seriously, that it does not exist. Another place told us it was "out of season". I guess the ice cream crop isn't ripe yet?

Humourous anecdotes aside, things here are going well. We are getting more proficient with the language, washing clothes in buckets, and using turkish toilets. Speaking of training, time for language class!

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