Monday, March 3, 2008

Camp Peace Corps

I just finished staging in Philadelphia. It's where we discuss the goals of the Peace Corps in more detail and do a lot of "get to know your 50 new best friends" kind of things. As I have affectionately been calling it, Camp Peace Corps.

Everyone here is great - we're making friends quickly. I have now also started a bluegrass band with some musicians in the group. I play spoons! :-)

That was pretty much the highlight... beyond that, there wasn't much new information in the last couple of days. What I really want to know right now is: where EXACTLY am I going? What exactly will I be doing? What is my address after May? How will I wash my underwear? These are the burning questions on everyone's mind...

We fly to Casablanca today... I can't believe this day finally came. I also can't believe I managed to start running a 101 degree fever the DAY BEFORE. This flight won't be particularly fun for me. And yes, we have doctors there, so I'm sure I will be fine.

It's time to check out and catch a flight... the next post will be from MOROCCO!

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