Sunday, June 22, 2008

Would you like some tea with your sugar?

Life Update...

I am still in homestay, and while I have a great family, I am definitely itching for my own space. Particularly so I can cook for myself. I do enjoy some Moroccan food (I will never tire of couscous, ever!!!) but I am definitely not used to the sheer quantity of oil and sugar that goes into EVERYTHING. Example: this morning I had breakfast at a cafe. I ordered oranges with cinnamon, yogurt, and a coffee. Sounds healthy, right? The coffee came with excess sugar, the yogurt came with honey and sugar, and the oranges came covered with sugar and grenadine. For lunch I had a salad, which consisted of lettuce leaves covered with... you guessed it... sugar. Afterwards the waiter gave us complimentary tea. With lots of sugar. It's been at least an hour since my last sugar intake and I think I may be in withdrawal.

At the moment I am in my capital city. I came in three days ago to take care of some paperwork, but the office I need to go to has been closed since I got here so I'm basically waiting for it to open again tomorrow (inshallah!). Meanwhile I'm enjoying having internet access and fresh fruit and veggies. :-)

As far as site work goes, it has been a slow process starting. I know that the water in my village is untreated, but why this is, no one seems to know. There is running tap water, but no one knows exactly where it comes from. I have been doing local research and have been told endlessly contradicting things: there are two water chateaus, one works; there are three water chateaus, none work; the nurse treats the village water; a man named Hamu treats the water; Hamu does not exist; people do not drink well water; people only drink well water; people treat their own water; no one treats any water. I have no idea as yet what is actually going on, so this is my current project: figure this stuff out!

Thanks to everyone who has sent me cards and letters - the contact with home is always a lovely surprise at the post office.

Ar Min Baad (Until next time)...

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Pictures of my home!

My Kittens...
My house from the courtyard, with the fig tree...
My room from the inside. The mosaic on the wall was made by the previous volunteer.
The mountains here are unbelievable.