Tuesday, August 5, 2008

What is THIS thing?

I found it in my kitchen. It's about 7 inches long. Do they bite? Is it poisonous? Is it a centipede? Do centipedes even GET that big?

I also found no less than 3 scorpions.

Gotta love Zagora wildlife.


vakimbo said...

EW! Maybe I really am a prissy girl, because I don't want bugs around me. I wish I could mail you some aerosol sprays or something!

Keep trucking, I love reading your blog when you get to update it. I am fascinated and in awe of you, Ms. Mel :) You go girl, and thank you for making America (and thus Americans) look good to the world.

What have you been working on while in the village? Have you started your projects yet?

Sometimes its Alex said...

Yup, they can bite.

Yup, they're poisonous, although (unless you happen to be allergic) it'll just be pain and swelling and probably not death.

Yup, that's a centipede, and some species can grow to be even bigger than that (think upwards of 20 inches).