Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Kitty-Monsters and Rising Temperatures

So I adopted a cute, quiet little kitten from a farm. She had big green eyes and was malnourished and so affectionate, I HAD to take her home. Now she is quite comfortable in my home, has fattened up a bit, and is a little monster! She meows CONSTANTLY. Not just for affection, not just for food, but just to hear herself sing. She doesn't let me sleep. Her favorite games include: Scratch Paws Against Metal Door To Make Horrible Scraping Sound, Bite Mommy's Toes, and Chew Mommy's Hair.

Anyone have any cat-training suggestions for punishment? I've already tried splashing her with water, but she LIKES that.

Kitty issues aside, life goes on in my village. It's coming up on August now, which we call the Hot Month. This makes me a little nervous, because it's already 120 degrees and I sweat when I sleep at night... how much hotter can it get? We will find out...

I've managed to travel a bit lately. First to Marrakesh for a weekend with some friends from the states. I like Marrakesh, but it's a hassle for tourists. Essaouaira was much more laid-back. It's a beautiful little coastal town established by the Spanish with Mediterranean-looking architecture and a thriving artisan culture. Kind of a hippy paradise. It was nice to see some water, too!

Tomorrow I will be moving out of my homestay and into a house of my own. My host family has been really wonderful and I'm looking forward to visiting them often, but I am dying to have my own kitchen again!

Thanks to everyone who has been keeping in touch... it means a lot to get a little "hi, how are you?" in an email when I come in to the city.


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